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Vetiq Stool Firm

Vetiq Stool Firm

VetIQ Mark & Chappell Stool Firm (previously Stool Firm-UM) is a supplement specially designed to solidify loose stools. Containing an effective Prebiotic known to promote optimal digestive function, Stool Firm is a delicious, highly palatable and quick acting stool firmer. Chicken Liver flavour for high acceptance.

Active IngredientsMajor Function

Calcium carbonateChalk has a general mechanical gastro intestinal sedative action by coating the mucous membrane with an inert, protective layer.

KaolinKaolin is an absorbent that increases the bulk and slows down the passage of faeces while promoting excretion of toxins within the gastro-intestinal tract

PectinPectin provides a protective coating to irritated gastro-intestinal membranes. It is also helps to add bulk to the stool during transit through the gastro-intestinal tract.

InulinA prebiotic that improves intestinal performance

Pumpkin PowderHelps in firming up loose stools.

TargetDogs and Puppies that are prone to experiencing loose stools

Animal TypeWeight RangeRecommended Amounts

Small DogsUp to 5kg1 tablet daily

Medium Dogs5kg to 10kg2 tablets daily

Large Dogs10kg to 20kg4 tablets daily

Note: Puppy usage is half the above usage

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