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Puppy Harringtons GRAIN FREE Salmon & Sweet Potato 2kg

Puppy Harringtons GRAIN FREE Salmon & Sweet Potato 2kg

No added* grain, egg, beef or pork. *This product is formulated without grain, beef, or pork, but is processed on a line handling these ingredients. The natural choice, Omega 3 & 6 supple skin & glossy coat, Natural antioxidants, Healthy digestion, A, C, D & E enriched with vitamins, No soya or dairy, No artificial colours or flavours.

A harringtons dog is a naturally happy and healthy dog. Our range of food has loads of natural ingredients that provide all the wholesome nutrients and goodness your dog needs

Citrus extract to help support oral hygiene

Includes mos and fos that help promote good bacteria in the gut

Green lipped mussel associated with aiding joint health, a natural source of omega 3

Pomegranate extracts and herbs - natural sources of antioxidants, which can support immunity and good health

Spirulina - a source of amino acids, proteins, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, valuable for health and vitality

Linseed - a source of omega 3 fats that can support anti-inflammation and wellbeing

Beet pulp to help support stool quality and digestive transit

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