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Autarky mature light Salmon adult

Autarky mature light Salmon adult

As your dog enters adulthood his nutritional requirements will change, so at around 8-24 months depending on breed, we advise that you gradually move your dog on to Autarky Adult. With all the natural goodness required to keep your adult dog fit and active, Autarky Adult has been formulated to promote overall health and well-being.

Autarky Adult will provide a significantly higher proportion of energy from fats and also contains ingredients and key nutrients to help optimise fat utilisation from your dog’s diet. Scrumptious chicken dinner with rice and vegetables. Protected by a natural anti-oxidant package. High fat content to provide adequate energy. Formulated to promote overall well-being for the active adult dog.

Correct Nutrient Balance Supports:

Oral hygiene, strong teeth and gums

Heart function

Immune system

Muscle tone

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